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2014 new guaranteed 100% original software free update quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer

Type:Clinical Examination Aids, body fat analyzer
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:MULTI
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer
Reports:38 reports
Warrenty:365 days
Packing:box packing
Communication port:USB
Operation system:windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8


quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer

professional manufacturer over 10 years

free to update the machine

OEM/ODM accept

2014 new guaranteed 100% original software free update quantum magnetic resonance body analyzer  


39 reports available language quantum software


English ,Spainish,Korean,German,French



The new function of 3rd  quantum magnetic resonance  body analyzer  


*with comparative function

  The newest analyzer will help u remember the value state of health that when u detect next time, u can comparative the different of the health state, and find out the change of fore-and-aft detection.


*with  Back up and restore the database function

The system supports the backup and restoring of the existing database,so that the complete data can be reserved to reduce the loss when the computer has problems or is invaded by viruses.


*with System setup function

Mainly set up several personalized things of the system to make the testing result be more suitable for the customer’s own requirements.



The best service we can offer


*Free to update the machine like replace the pattern on the machine interface and software interface


*Could make logo or introduction on the machine


*Could free to update the software version



Application:beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health care products shop, direct selling(for the health products distributor), massage center, health center, Family use etc.



Compatible with operate computer system:

1, Win98, Win Me, ( install Microsoft Office is premise)

2, Win XP, Vista, Win 7

3, Win 2000 series , Win 2008 Server series



1,Apple series operate system

2, Linux series operate system



2nd-generation quantum magnetic resonance  body analyzer







3rd-generation quantum magnetic resonance  body analyzer
























3rd-generation quantum magnetic resonance  body analyzer software interface




39 reports

01- Cardiovascular and   cerebrovascular

02-   Gastrointestinal function

03-   Liver function

04-   Gallbladder function

05-   Pancreatic function

06-   Kidney function

07-   Lung function

08-   Brain nerve

09-   Bone disease

10-   Bone mineral density

11-   Rheumatoid bone disease

12-   Blood sugar

13-   Basic physical quality

14-   Human toxin

15-   Trace element

16-   Prostate(male)

17-   Male sexual function(male)

18-   Gynecology(female)

19-   Skin

20-   Endocrine System

21-   Immune System

22-   Breast(female)

23-   Vitamin.

24-   Amino Acid

25-   Bone Growth Index

26-   Eye

27-   Heavy Metal

28- Allergy

29- Coenzyme

30- Human of Element

31-  Obesity

32-   Collogen

33-. Pulse of heart and brain

34-. Channels and collaterals

35-. Sperm and semen(male)

36-. Menstrual cycle(female)

37- Blood lipids

38- Comprehensive Report Card













































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Quantum Health Analyzer

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