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CE approved and OEM New arrival Chinese meridian health analyzer /Sub health analyzer/meridian health analyzer

Properties:House-Service Detector Tester
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:KM-02
Type:Meridian Health Analyzer
colour:White and Blue
Material:aluminum case
Language:Chinese,,English Russian.Vietnamese,Korean
Interface:Green with English
Principle:acupuncture point detector


1,Professional manufacturer more than 10 years

2,acupuncture point detector

3,CE certification

4,OEM/ODM accepted


CE approved and OEM New arrival Chinese meridian health analyzer /Sub health analyzer/meridian health analyzer









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beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health care products shop, direct selling(for the health products distributor), massage center, health center, etc. It can also be used for promoting health food and nutritional supplement, etc. Family use is also available



Meridian Health Analyzer is a popularized health analyzer instrument based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The phenomena of the pulse work is of biologic objective, and the Chinese Meridian science can be used for testing physical , mental body conditions and internal organs state. The energy change of internal organs shall be detected by the instrument through twelve meridian acupuncture points within 5 minutes. The instrument scans entire bio-energy levels in the body, analyses and matches against more than 1 million cases and clinical studies in our system, and generates a group of comprehensive health reports, including health overview, potentially encountering diseases and professional health advices.It integrates latest computer technology and clinical experiences over a long period of time.The operator can accquire the physiological data on the body meridian energy and excess or deficiency syndrome by the operation mode with the humanization interface after short learning.


OEM/ODM Accepted


Freely to personalize the machine interface  (order reach to 10 pcs)

Freely to personalize the software interface  (order reach to 5 pcs)


Notice for the pc


Compatible with operate computer system:


1, Win98, Win Me, ( install Microsoft Office is premise)


2, Win XP, Vista, Win 7


3, Win 2000 series , Win 2008 Server series




1,Apple series operate system


2, Linux series operate system


 New function with the latest version


*with comparative function


  The newest analyzer will help u remember the value state of health that when u detect next time, u can comparative the different of the health state, and find out the change of fore-and-aft detection.




*with  Back up and restore the database function


The system supports the backup and restoring of the existing database,so that the complete data can be reserved to reduce the loss when the computer has problems or is invaded by viruses.



*with System setup function


Mainly set up several personalized things of the system to make the testing result be more suitable for the customer’s own requirements.



Avalible Language can be choosed as follow



Chinese English Russian Vietnamese Korean



  • Speciality: many medical expert spend several years studying a large number of case History.
  • Fast: only 5 minutes complete testing human being health, bases on meridian theory of TCM, combined with modern medical technology, make use of computer technique.
  • Accurate: exact ratio is above 90%, system database which have utilized scientific methods are treatted stern health statistics and built by a large number clinical authentication..
  • Advanced: it can detect change of bioelectricity information of meridians in order to early prevent illness before appearing evident signs and sympatoms of illness.
  • Simple: easy operating ,common personnel can master technique of detection and interpretation by short-term training.
  • Convenience: can test atany time and any place, returen time to the patient.
  • Economy: suitable expense, easy being received common consumer.
  • Safe: be harmless for human being .
Product Dimension                 Size:31.5*21.6*12cm        Weight:2.0kg




Neutral packing :Carton box
V/W: 4kg/2.5 kg





Size:93*39*29cm        Weight:21kg



Dear users:


Welcome to purchase the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer. In the process of future use, please feel free to contact with us if you have any difficult problem.


We promise:


1.  Since the purchase date, if this machine has quality problems within three months, it can be changed by one new machine.


2.  The warranty period of the host is one year, and the machine is in life-long maintenance.


3.  If the machine is out of the warranty period, our company will be responsible for maintenance, charging the nominal fee and spare parts costs.


Any of the following conditions are not in warranty of free of charge:


1.  If the machine is injured and broken because of manmade causes, it can not be replaced.


2.  If it is injured because of unauthorized disassembly or refit, it can not be replaced.


3.  If it is injured because of improper using methods, it can not be replaced.


If there is a problem, please telephone our company’s sales outlets, and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible


CE certification



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Meridian Health Analyzer

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