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contrast the way light microscopes and electron microscopes magnify objects

contrast the way light microscopes and electron microscopes magnify objects

Answer: Light microscope: 1. Uses a beam of light that is focused using glass lenses. A light microscope uses a man made light, but a Electron microscope has electron.Light microscope works like a magnifying glass. By stacking multiple lenses on top of each other, it can magnify images by as much as 1000X magnification, allowing you to see something as small as 1 micrometer.Electron microscopes shoot electrons at an object and, based on how the electrons interact with the object under observation, send signals to a sensor which then translates it into a computer-generated image. This allows one to observe objects that are much smaller than 1 micrometer.

The resolution of a light microscope is limited by the source of illumination, visible light. Since the wavelengths of light have a defined “size” and our ability to enhance contrast, through means such as phase, differential interference, and the like limit the size of structures that we can visualize. Electron microscopy on the other hand uses electrons to bombard a sample that has been treated with heavy metals and other “large atoms” so that the diffraction and absorption of the electrons creates images on a photographic plate or, these days, a sensor plate for conversion by a computer.

The resolving power of electron microscopes is hundreds of times higher than what can be achieved by light microscopes. a easy microscope sends seen rays of light by way of an merchandise to the lens earlier it gets on your eye. the quantity of utmost magnification relies upon on how solid the lenses are. An Electron microscope bombards the pattern with electrons, and a working laptop or laptop “maps” out the article, giving it a three-D image. it may practice products on an atomic point. light microscope uses photons while electron microscope uses electrons. look in your science book to do your homework.

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