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Exclusive custom original quantum therapy analyzer quantum analyzer machine

Type:Clinical Examination Aids
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:DM-918-C
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Quantum machine name:quantum therapy analyzer
Quantum Type:Biochemical Analysis System
Therapy function:YES
Language Version:15 language
Function:Detecting and therapy
Quantum software:Original
Quantum certification:CE
Application:Nutrition parts, clinic, personal home, Beauty Spa,
Sale term:Retail/Wholesale

Exclusive custom original quantum therapy analyzer quantum analyzer machine



Quantum Therapy Analyzer Sample report:  

Product Description



 Exclusive Quantum Therapy Analyzer 


Pin partners to use good tools – perfect version of the quantum

Perfect good health detection tools, version quantum detector, perfect the health monitor

This quantum detector is specialized in manufacturing and has set up a mass market, solved the difficult problem of now of marketing and customer communication, build up a perfect bridge of direct communication. Product easy to carry, elegant to hardware design, software humanized operation, suitable for ordinary perfect mass marketing, features and functions of the software now summarized as follows:

1, under the various conditions corresponding to the corresponding product, and regulate the prescription that occupy the home.

2, the product passes the repeat rate rinse, intuitive and clear.

3, nutritional formula click product out of the product pictures and features efficacies;

4, according to the height and weight standards be defined by the reasonable usage and dosage calculation, the dosage of products taking the incremental, normal, reducing choice;

5, on the basis of comprehensive report on the product to add and delete, increases the mass increase and batch delete the function of the product, more simple, convenient and quick.

6, the detection of heart head blood-vessel, function test of intestines and stomach, liver, eye detection, bravery, rheumatism, kidney function test, bone mineral density test, blood glucose, body toxin detection, pancreatic function testing, brain, lung function testing, bone disease, skin test, the basic physical detection, detection of trace element, endocrine, immune detection, amino acids, body composition, (male function testing, prostate function test, inspection of department of gynaecology, mammary gland inspection), vitamin detection, coenzyme, allergy testing, bone growth index detection, detection of heavy metals. Report the number increased to 30 (28) in men and women, more rich, more detailed testing project.



Quantum therapy analyzer Language Available : 


English (41 reports ), Spanish (41 reports ), Korean (41reports ), Indonesian ( 41 reports), German (41 reports), Portuguese (41 reports), Slovak (41 reports), French (41reports) ,Malaysian(41reports), Thai( 32reports), Romania( 41reports)Vietnam (41reports) English&Malaysian&Chinese Professional Version

41 Reports details : 

1 Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular 
2 Gastrointestinal Function 
3 Liver Function 
4 Large Intestine Function
5 Gallbladder Function 
6 Pancreatic Function 
7 Kidney Function 
8 Lung Function 
9 Brain Nerve 
10 Bone Disease 
11 Bone Mineral Density 
12 Rheumatoid Bone Disease 
13 Bone Growth Index 
14 Blood Sugar 
15 Trace Element 
16 Vitamin 
17 Amino Acid 
18 Coenzyme 
19 Endocrine System 
20 Immune System 
21 Human Toxin 
22 Heavy Metal 
23 Basic Physical Quality 
24 Allergy 
25 Obesity 
26 Skin 
27 Eye 
28 Collagen 
29 Channels and collaterals 
30 Pulse of heart and brain 
31 Blood lipids 
32 Gynecology (female)
33 Breast (female)
34 Menstrual cycle (female)
35 Prostate (male)
36 Male Sexual Function (male)
37 Sperm and semen (male)
38 Element of Human 
39 Comprehensive Report
40 Thyroid 


Warmly welcome customized Quantum Therapy analyzer  



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Quantum Health Analyzer

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