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Meidu Top Grade Air Cleaner portable styde

Power Source:Electrical
Certification:CE, CADR
Capacity (CFM):99.9%
Power (W):40
Voltage (V):220
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Meidu
Model Number:MD-3609-H
Power Supply:220V-50Hz
Operation Volume(Db):25-45
Senser:touch screen
Timing set:30-180 mins
Stype:Six purification


1,Potent purifier- Meidu Air Cleaner

2, Zhengjiang University tecnology support

3,Newest updated

4,Air cleaner OEM manufactur

Meidu Top Grade Air Cleaner portable styde


High effective plasma purification


         Traditional Cleaner only can do the simple filter mechanically

           Seeing traditaion Clearner effect !


Meidu Air Puritier

Characteristic of the plasma porification tecnology of space 

Kill and clear the common pathogenic microorganism in the air 



1, ejected Plasma

released the same Plasmacluster with natural world via the plasma discharge

2,  Effect on bacteria and Viruses


3,Back into the air to form water    






Air Purifier function :




1. Remove smoke and dust,Dispel odors
2. Front filter net, With antibacterial material,it can remove dust, pollen,etc..
3. formaldehyde filter net. It can remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.
4. Active carbon net. It can effectively remove bad smell and harmful gases.
5. HEPA filter, With antibacterium covering, It can effectively remove tiny dust and smoke 
No second pollution  Active Oxygen is unstable under natural situation. It easily break up into O3. Its’ half life is 20-30 minutes.



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Air purifier & Air Detector

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