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Mini Heartbeat Fetal Doppler ZF1

Type:ZHIHUI Micro-Devices, Fetal doppler
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:ZF1, ZF1
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland), Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:Fetal Doppler_ZF1
Style:MINI Portable
Weight:Less than 0.4kg
Battery:Built-in rechargeable battery
Continuous operating time:more than 5 hours


Cute,beautiful appearance and portable

High sensitivity probe.

Standard battery charger provided

Mini Heartbeat  Fetal Doppler ZF1


Fetal Doppler_ZF1  

Physical specifications        

Weight                                   Less than 0.4kg             

Size                                       97mm(L)×60mm(W)×32mm(H)


FHR Performance

FHR Measuring Range:            30BPM~240BPM (BPM/minute)

Resolution:                              1BPM

Accuracy:                               ±1%



Working Frequency:               2.0MHz±5%

Total Sensitivity :                under distances of 50mm,75mm,100mm and200mm,                    the total sensitivity value is≥90dB.

The valid area on sensitivity unit of Ultrasound transducer:.  398±2mm2

Coupling medium impedance                                                 ≤1.7x105g/cm2•s

Spatial-peak temporal-peak acoustic pressure                      ≤0. 1Mpa

Working Principle:                                                              Continual wave

Working Voltage:                                                                3.7V


Headset Specifications:

Sensitivity:                            (1KHz,1Vrms)>100dB

Impedance:                             32-64 Ohm

Total harmonic distortion:       <1 %,

Input power:                          >10mW


Battery charging:

Battery specification:             3.7VmaH,Lithium Battery

Charger Specification:            Input 100V~ 240V, Output 5V/500mA

Charging time:                        <2 hours

Use of time:                           >5 hours



Standard accessories

  1. Ear Phone*1
  2. AC recharger*1
  3. Carry bag*1
  4. User manual*1
  5. 30g gel*1


*All-in-one design,intergrated together probe and mainframe  

* Cute,beautiful appearance and portable

*High sensitivity probe.
*Standard battery charger provided


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Fetal Doppler

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