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Mini Portable laser hair removal

Laser Type:selective photothermolysis
Certification:CE, CE
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:KL-001
Feature:Hair Removal
Item:Mini laser hair removal
Weight:500 g
Color:Dark Red,Champagne
Working Current:650mA
Working Voltage:2.2V
Packing:color box
Life Span:10000 hours
Warranty:365 days


Mini laser hair removal

Portable mini carry

CE certification

Mini laser hair removal for home use with  CE  


What is laser hair removal

The name laser is an acronym for light amplification by the Simulated Emission of Radiantion.ZHIHUI lasers are primarily used in application for surgical operations including cosmetic surgery for the treatment of skin rejuvenation and skin diseases.



laser hair removal Principle

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis,in which energy is delivered to the treatment area in such a manner as to maximize tissue damage to the hair follicle while sparing the skin and surrounding tissue.Melanin pigment makes a logical target chromophore. Ecause it’s most abundant in the hair bulb,which is believed to be the most important target for hair removal, much less abundant in epidermis, even in dard-skinned patients, and it absorbs well in the skin’s “optical window” between 600-900nm.


  laser hair removal Specification


Mini Laser Hair Removal








Dark Red,Champagne

Output Power:

CW 500mW

Working Current


Working Voltage






Life span

10000 hours



 laser hair removal Feature

1. Much faster and easier way of hair removal than other existing methods

2. Almost painless and less time-consuming compared to other treatments 

3. Treats small areas of hair at a time

4. Less number of times for treatment

5. Assures precise and reliable treatment

6. Permanent hair removal and hair reduction effect

7. You can feel the soft skin resulted from pore constriction after being treated.


laser hair removal Application:

Face,underarms,legs,chest and back. Almost all parts of the body can be treated.However pls avoid use on the nipple and anal regions.This product is for external use only!



 laser hair removal Using steps:

1         Prior to your treatment,shave the area up to nearly clean with 1-2mm of hair left to have a best result.

This is procedure will facilitate adequate destruction of the root of the hair follicles by the laser, as grown hair can become an obstace for laser hair removal.

2         Let your skin cool down with a cool towel before and after the tretment as well as during the treatment as the laser will generate some het on your skin during treatment.

3         Plug the mahcine into a grounded mains outlet.Push the power button for 3 seconds to turn on.Select the desired laser level.Put the touch bar on the selected area and push the laser emission button .A beep will sound and the laser will hit the skin for a few seconds.

4         You may shine the laser directly on your hair root and it will penetrate through your skin into the root of hair and destroys the hair follicles underneath.

5         Aim the laser as closely as possible in a circular motion on your skin, not at the hair tip.

6         During treatment,you may experience some minor burning sensation-ssociated with the high temperature of the laser at work.This indiates that the hair root is successfully destroyes.




The effective use of the laser


  1. To test the laser operates normally before use.Fire the laser onto the paper with the laser touch bat nodule touching the paper so the laser is 1-2cm from the paper.The paper should burn/soke.If the paper does not burn/smoke then change the laser settings to a higher setting.
  2. Shave/clipper the hair one to two days before your treatment. This will facilitate the destruction of the root of the hair follicles by the laser.Do not pull the hair out with tweezers or wax as the laser si nt effective if the hair hs been pulled out.
  3. Let the heat of your skin cool down wiht an ice pack or cool towel before and aftertreatment as well as during the treatment. This will help prenent redness of the skin after treantment.
  4. During treatment you may feel some mild pain and this is normal. It could described as a stinging sensation or a ‘snap’like an elastic band on your skin.This is a sign that the laser is destroying the hair follicles.
  5. You may notice the laser burning the hair .This can be better avoided if the hair is shaved or clippered a day or two before treatment.
  6. The hair may not always fall out immediately.Over multiple tretments the hair should start to fall out and not grow back.
  7. After using the machine for 30 minutes take a break for 5 minutes to let your skin and laser unit cooled down.
  8. The shorter and coarser the hair, the better the result will be.






 laser hair removal Packing


Color Box Packing:


Color Box Size:19.5*21.7*6cm




Carton packing:


Carton Size:45.5*34.5*44cm


Gross Weight:13KG


Net Weight:12KG










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