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NIT-121 Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer 5~15cm test distance

Type:Household Thermometers, Forehead
Thermometer Type:Digital
Thermometer Use:Refrigerator Thermometers
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:NIT-121
Measurement method: Non-contact
Effective testing distance:5~15cm (2~5.6in)
Theory:Infrared Thermometer
Resolution:0.1° C
Certification:CE , RoHS
Power:2AA Battery
Use for:Baby & Object


5~15cm test distance Infrared Forehead Thermometer

1,Beeper for fever or high temperature

2,Auto recall of last reading

NIT-121 Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer 5~15cm test distance  





Infrared Forehead Thermometer Description :


This is a non-contact infrared thermometer applicable to forehead measurement.The thermometer measures body temperature by collecting heat radiatin emitting by forehead. It’s simply operational,hygeian,reliable and highly accurate.Users can get precise reading within one second by one touch.This thermometer is widey used in school,customs,hospitals and for domestic


This thermometer is also capable of measuring object temperature ranging from 0 °C  ~180 °C . It’s employed in the field of africuture,industry,food,petrochemical industry,etc.



Infrared Forehead Thermometer  Characteristics


1 , 4 in 1 Multi-function and useful

  It can take Ear forehead ambient temperature and display clock.Suitable for babies and adults.


2 , Accuracy and quickness


  It measures the temperature 512 times per second, intelligent analysis and treatment of measurements ,display the result in one second.


3 , Convenience and practicability 


  Free earcap,ear and forehead taking model convert by side botton,easy to clean and use.


4 , Alarm of fever


  The reading exceeds 38.0 degrees celsius,it sounds be-be–be,and the fever icon will be displayed.

5 ,Memory last effective measurement


  Every time you turn on, it will automatically display the last effective reading.

6 ,Automatically power off for battery saving.




Infrared Forehead Thermometer Technical Parameters




Effective Testing Distance



Human body: +/-0.2 °C

Object : +/-0.5°C

Temperature Range


Human body : 32.0°C-42.9°C (89.6°F-109.2°F)


Object : 0°C-118°C (32°F-244.4°F)

Working condition

10.0°C-40.0°C(50.0°F-104.0°F) Humidity80% non-condensing

Storage condition

-20.0°C-50.0°C (-68.0°F-122.0°F) Humidity90% non-condensing

Power supply

d.c. 3V 2AA alkaline Battery

Power consumption

When off : 10uW



When measurement 30 mW

Power level indicator

Indication for low power level


Automatic recall of last reading



Net Weight



EN60601-1, EN12470-5,ASTM1965-98




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