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Posture Pump Breath Pillow Cervical pillow

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:BP001
Filling:100% High-elastic hollow cotton
Age group:adults
Type:health pilllow
Use for:people who have neck problem
use at:health care clinic, beauty salon,home

Posture Pump Breath Pillow Cervical pillow


Face with computer or work outside all day, the neck feel so tried and sour ? The breathing pillow can support Support the curve of the neck  and let your head and musle pressure , let the neck  completely relaxd!



BHM + Breathing Pillow structure have three parts: Gasbag layer, Water Layer and High-elastic hollow cotton layer


Gasbag layer

 Gasbag layer pillow, both the effect of pressure support and also bring the soft comfort. Besides, the Water layer which under the Gasbag can disperse the pressure of the air pillow to relieve the pressure on the neck. The Water layer can rise the therapy effect via intake the warm water(40 ℃ – 70 ℃), the same time you never worry about the temperature lead to neck discomfort because of the Gasbag isolation and heat transfer. Gasbag layer pillow is the best choose for you suitable for all seasons. 


High-elastic hollow cotton Layer

Depends on the different pressure, the high-elastic hollow cotton layer can keep our head and pillow in wonderful fit state. No matter which position our lay down, it will never bring the extra pressure to our head and not force to change our physiological curvature of our spine. 

Water layer

The breathing pillow can be self-adjusted with the pillow high be changed when we lie on back and side, thanks to the mobility of water. Meanwhile, the water layer can spread the stress from head and neck, whether repose or roll over, the pressure of the head and neck always remained stable.






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Breath Pillow

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