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Prominent portable pm2.0 sensor pm2.5 particle counter air dust detector

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:PM-01
product Type:pm2.5 particle counter
Function:PM2.5 Particle Measurer
Measure Range:0.3μm,2.5μm
Detecting particulate matters:PM2.5,PM10
Working environment:5~45℃, < 90%RH
Accuracy:0.3-2.5μm±( 15%+ 4000/l)
Sampling time:35s
Advantage:LCD display

Prominent portable pm2.0 sensor pm2.5 particle counter air dust detector 


Product Description



 handheld PM2.5 Particle counter


Professional high quality handheld air quality detector

Using the latest sensor technology and efficient microprocessors, to outdoor or interior 
air quality test at any time.





Product introduction: 

PM2.5 air quality detector is dedicated to measure the air PM2.5 (which can go directly to the alveoli) numerical dedicated testing instrument. Applies to public places and the atmospheric environment , can also be used for air purifier, purification efficiency evaluation analysis.


Working principle: The laser after dust particle scattering, the optical sensor output pulse signal to digital signal processing, measuring parameters, the results show, buttons, time, date etc are controlled by a built-in microcomputer (MCU) and implementation.


The main parts of handheld particle counter :

1.A laser device: Light intensity, distinguish ability to distinguish 0.3 particles, so can more accurately detect particulate matter.


2.Sensing device: High quality turbofan working time over 30,000 hours with stable running speed. To preach the sample gas sensor with a stable.,can make the sensor data is more stable. Low noise, suitable for household environment.


3.Suction gas sampling device: A short time sampling, just need 35 seconds.


4.Electric control part.



Quick Operation









Packaging & Shipping





 pm2.5 particle counter  Accessories:


Main macine 1 pc
Sliver box 1 pc
Manual 1 pc
Battery charger 1 pc



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