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rechargeable handle multifunction 9X magnifying glass with4 Led

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZHIHUI
Model Number:IM35-9X
Material:Plastic, ABS plastic and acrylic lens
Magnification:9X, 9X
Catalogue:IM35-9X Rechargeable Handheld Magnifying lens with 4LED Light
Color:Oliver green
Lens diameter:37MM
Lens effective diameter:35mm


* 9X Rimless Magnifying Glass lens with 4 LED Lamp

* Material: ABS plastic and acrylic lens

* Dull polish handle

IM35-9X Rechargeable Handheld Magnifying lens with 4LED Light  




Lens diameter

Lens effective diameter








Oliver green


One pc 3.7V/500mahre chargeable Lithium battery; one appropriative charger










1. using 4pcs big power white Led , possessing high brightness, its brightness is symmetry and gentleness;
2.Len’s effective diameter Is 35mm, amplifying multiple is 9 times.
3. has one pc 3.7V/500mah rechargeable Lithium battery inside it .
4.Using MCU, change multifunction with single key, such as zoom in lighting (half of   brightness), emergency lighting( top brightness), emergency call lighting( Flash).
5.after finished charging battery, can supply “zoom in lighting” for 10-12 hours, and “emergency lighting” for 5-6 hours, “emergency call lighting” for 20-24 hours. 
6.Inside, applied DC to DC constant current and constant voltage circuit, lifetime of lighting Led has 50k hours over.




1, press down ” key” for 2 seconds, will turn on and light up (half of brightness).
2, later contact “key” , all Led will be more bright from “half of brightness” to “top brightness”
3, contact “key” again, all Led will start to flash.
4 ,at any status after turn on, press down ” key” for 2 seconds, will turn off
5, press down ” key” for 5 seconds over, will lock up all relative fun






 * It is applied to plate making of printing,machinery manufacture,


Carving and cloth weaving.


 * Outdoor obversation, people hobby, industry and electronic business.


 * Old man and children reading, detecting for jeweller, coin and so on.







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