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what does the fine adjustment knob do on a microscope?

what does the fine adjustment knob do on a microscope

Answer: It makes the substance you’re looking at clear, and not blurry.It basically puts , After you adjust the coarse adjustment knob, the fine adjustment knob makes it

It moves the eyepiece up and down quickly, to get the thingy you’re trying to look at roughly (or, ahem, “coarsely”), in focus. Then you use the fine adjustment knob to get the focus perfect.

It is usually the larger knob on the side of the microscope, and is used to quickly bring the specimen to be close to in focus. It either moves the stage or the body tube up and down. Once the specimen is close to in focus, the fine-adjustment knob can be used to sharpen the image (or focus on different layers in the specimen).

Usually, it moves the optical parts closer or farther away from the specimen to focus on it, at a faster rate than the fine-focus knob does.

It does coarse adjustment. It does large adjustments. It doesn’t do fine adjustments. It doesn’t do tiny adjustments to focusing.

The coarse adjustment knob and the fine adjustment knob do the same task (as answered above). The coarse knob just moves through space faster by using a larger mechanical gear.

Brings the object into sharp focus at the pre-determined magnification. the other knob does the same but is much more sensitive.

When do you use the fine adjustment knob on a microscope?

course adjustment knob brings the stage up or downfine adjustment knob focuses the image

The coarse concentration knob strikes the lens immediately yet with out lots accuracy. The effective concentration knob on the different hand strikes the lens slowly so which you would be able to get a very good effective adjustment of the image for readability. it particularly is maximum obligatory at intense magnifications because of the fact the top-rated lens is extremely on the edge of the item being considered, and in basic terms very small strikes will enable you to get a robust sharp image.

well first you have to use the coarse adjustment knob to get a glimpse of the specimen.and when you’re sure that what you see is the specimen then that’s the time to use the fine adjustment knob.the fine adjustment knob is used only to make the specimen or the image look clear. if you use it immediately without adjusting the coarse, then you’ll see nothing.use the coarse first then use the fine


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