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what is considered a major disadvantage of the electron microscopes

what is considered a major disadvantage of the electron microscopes

You can only view non-living things under the electron microscope, The biggest disadvantage of an electron microscope in the study of cells is that , The speciman you are viewing must be in a vacuum, and be coated with a metal ,while with.The main disadvantages are cost, size, maintenance, researcher training and image artifacts resulting from specimen preparation.This type of microscope is a large, cumbersome, expensive piece of equipment, extremely sensitive to vibration and external magnetic fields.It needs to be kept in an area large enough to contain the microscope as well as protect and avoid any unintended influence on the electrons.Upkeep involves maintaining stable voltage supplies, currents to electromagnetic coils/lens and circulation of cool water so the samples are not damaged or destroyed from heat given off during the process of energizing the electrons.Special training is required to learn the involved processes of specimen preparation, to minimize and recognize preparation-related artifacts and to operate the microscope itself.Despite these disadvantages, EMs are assets to high-end research laboratories; this powerful piece of equipment has resulted in innumerable advances in science and industry.Electron microscopy is a useful technique that allows us to view the microscopic structure of specimens at a high resolution. However, it is not without disadvantages and requires significant resources to purchase and maintain the device at optimal function.The advantages and disadvantages of electron microscopy are discussed in more detail below. Each of these factors should be considered before deciding whether electron microscopy is the right solution for the situation at hand.

espite being such useful instruments, there are some disadvantages of electron microscopes. Although these units can provide incredible detail, the disadvantages may outweigh the advantages for some. In order for a customer to decide if an electron microscope is the right choice, they need to consider all the pros and cons.Electron Microscopes produce a focused beam of highly energetic electrons to examine objects in great detail. They provide the user with a huge amount of information about the specimen’s shape, atomic structure, composition, and surface features. No doubt they’re amazing machines, but one should still consider:

Price – One of the biggest disadvantages of electron microscopes is the price tag. These units are by no means cheap. The initial purchase price is high, and it costs a good chunk of change to maintain it. Without maintenance put into the budget, the electron microscope can end up as an expensive dust collector.

Some disadvantages of electron microscopes include price, maintenance, and sample preparation.

Power source – Another downside is the power source. The electron microscope is dynamic, which means that the voltage needs to be highly stable. Each electromagnetic coil or lens needs a constant and steady current. This is something that needs to be monitored and maintained throughout the life of the machine.

System maintenance – The cooling system needs constant circulation pumping through the unit. The vacuum setup also requires consistent pressure and continuous pumping to keep the entire system primed. Maintaining these systems requires additional time, money, and effort.

Sensitivity – An electron microscope is a very sensitive piece of equipment, so vibrations and external magnetic fields can be very damaging to it. It needs to be housed in a specialized area with trained technicians on staff to maintain it. These electron microscope disadvantages can make the unit impractical to the budget-impaired facility.

Sample preparation – An electron microscope requires that all samples be viewed in a vacuum. Otherwise, the molecules that occur naturally in the air would scatter and distort the electrons. Preparing these samples is another disadvantage. It can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process to prepare samples, a technique that requires a high level of skill. Some simple hydrated samples can be scanned with an environmental scanning electron microscope, but this technique is far from the norm.

Artifacts and errors – The electron microscope is a man-made instrument, and therefore prone to errors. Despite the best of care, samples are changed throughout the preparation process. Materials may be damaged, and molecular dimensions and rearrangement can occur. These human errors may result in artifacts, structural details caused by preparing the specimen but aren’t part of the specimen themselves.

The problem of artifacts can be seen in many different ways. The organelles may be distorted or disorganized, the membrane continuity may be altered, or the empty space in the cytoplasm may be unnaturally changed. All of these potential issues can change the readings.

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