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what is meant by depth of field in a microscope

what is meant by depth of field in a microscope

Best Answer: – Depth of field refers to an important aspect used in photography. It describes , As the magnification increases, the depth of field decreases. scanning electron microscope ,
Same thing as with a camera, telescope, your eyes, or whatever. A better term might be “depth of focus.” Same as in a camera or telescope, the zone of acceptable sharpness is referred to as the depth of field. Read more at the source isted below. ,An optical device will be in focus only within a specific range. Like if you focus your camera on something six feet away, things that are a bit in front of and behind the object will be in focus, too. The depth depends on the lens and the aperture opening (smaller opening gives better depth of field). In various scientific fields, a microscope is an important tool in viewing and examining objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. One of the basic components of a microscope is an eyepiece or ocular lens. A nosepiece, which has several objective lenses is located below the eyepiece. The objective lenses are calibrated into different levels of magnification. Depending on what magnification the specimen is to be viewed, the nosepiece can be easily rotated and the objective lens set into place. Other parts include a mechanical stage, substage condenser, iris diaphragm, substage illuminator, a rheostat and two knobs that are adjusted to focus the sample specimen.

When viewing an object, the overall magnification is calculated by multiplying the value of the ocular lenses with the value of the objective lenses. The total magnification is indirectly proportional to the depth of field. As magnification increases, the axial resolving power of an objective, which is the depth of field, is reduced.Depth of field is how much of what you are looking at is in focus. If you scroll up or down and things get blurry, you passed out of the depth of field. The purpose is for sharp focus.



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