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what is meant by the working distance of a microscope

what is meant by the working distance of a microscope

Best Answer: Distance between Microscope lens & focussed object. it means at which distance u able to see the object clearly,,,,,, even at that distance u can draw the object image on paper at same time. max distance maintaining, When referring to microscopes, “working distance” is distance between the lens and the object being magnified. Generally, the higher the magnification, the smaller the working distance, although most major microscope manufacturers (Zeiss, Leica, Olympus, and Nikon to name a few) have started making “long working distance” and “extra long working distance” lensesminimal resolution .

Microscopes use a parfocal lens that stays in focus when the magnification or focal length changes. Working distance refers to the space between the front lens element, or tip of the microscope lens, and the closest cover slip surface. The cover slip is the thin protector cover placed over a specimen. In cases of specimens without cover slips, linear measurement of the front lens to the specimen surface is used to calculate working distance.Certain substances, such as toxic or metallurgical specimens, require thick cover slips. In such cases, working distance is described as extra long (ELWD) or super long (SLWD).Working distance is a term used in microscopy to describe the distance between the specimen and the lens. Microscopes usually have a short working distance.






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