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which was the first cell viewed by the light microscope?

which was the first cell viewed by the light microscope?



Leeuwenhoek has described his observation as “wee animalcules” which later known as protozoans.

It has long been known that Leeuwenhoek, one of the most respected scientists of his time, made a microscope which utilised two lenses that has a total magnification of 300x. He, then, first observed the organisms that were found in a drop of pond water. This marked the beginning of the study of organisms that is too small to be seen by naked eyes – microbiology.Anton van Leuwenhoek observed amoebas and other sea organisms under a microscope that he had created.

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Which was the first cell viewed by the light microscope?A:microbesB:atomsC:DNAD:oak bark
Answer D. oak bark

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